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Transformational Tech for your Airbnb in 2019

Happy New Year! ??

What’s the best way to recover from the busy Festive Season? A few fun presents for your Airbnb!  We’re a fast-moving, modern and optimised outfit here at Roomerang. Here are some top shelf tech gadgets that’ll help differentiate and elevate your Short Term Rental above the crowd in 2019.



Home Automation

We’re always searching for creative ways to sneak small moments of unexpected joy into a Guest’s stay and an interactive experience in home automation can be surprisingly fun. Home automation solutions begin with a simple voice enabled speaker as the hub through which your Guests interact with your listing!


Google Home Mini

In this arena, Google’s Home speakers are competing with Amazon’s Echo range, they’re similar solutions in both price and functionality. Once Google (or Amazon’s Alexa) lets you know the weather, turns the lights off or warms your bed they’ll quickly become welcome daily conversations.

These different moments of interaction are amplified for your Guests – they simply don’t expect it! Making life a little easier for Guests in unique ways drives memorable experiences and we all know these experiences translate beautifully to great reviews, recommendations and repeat business.



Safety First

A safe, happy and healthy Guest… is a great Guest! We’re very focused on ensuring each of our properties meets and exceeds all safety requirements legally and across our booking platform partners.

Airbnb, a significant partner here at Roomerang, have recently revitalised their Trust & Safety Program to provide Hosts with a FREE Carbon Monoxide Detector. They have 30,000 to give away and we suspect they’ll go quick!

Why should this matter? For the first time, Airbnb is highlighting the lack of a Carbon Monoxide Detector as an excluded item in Listings. Simply put, this is a bad signal being sent to a potential Guest. Avoid sending out a bad signal on your Listing and grab that FREE detector!

Order yours today @: https://www.airbnb.com.au/trust/home-safety



Kitchen Aided


iKettle by Smarter

As a modern Host, we know our Guests stay longer and spend more time in our Listings compared to a bland hotel. A well appointed kitchen is a minimum to ensure your Guest’s happiness, boiling the kettle to discover there are no cups (or similar) is a sad moment we’ve all experienced whilst on holiday!

Boiling the kettle is exactly where we are starting as a fun and affordable improvement in the kitchen. Enter the iKettle by Smarter, rolling over in bed and asking Alexa to boil the kettle is a wonderful luxury for those big tea drinking Guests. Smarter also have a smart coffee maker too so that might intrigue your Guests too!



Aerogarden's Harvest

Healthy cooking at home is a regular endeavour for many of our Guest and providing fresh herbs as a staple inclusion in the kitchen has been difficult. We love Aerogarden’s Harvest 360, it solves this riddle providing Hosts the ideal low maintenance, kitchen bench herb station. Your foodie Guests will love it and it better yet it’ll help brighten the natural aspect of your listing from a design perspective.


A Few Private Moments

Everyone should take their time in the bathroom and a little luxury goes a long way when travelling.


Hello Tushy!

As a tech forward company, we love discovering disruption in markets we never thought possible, so we welcome the rather affordable Tushy to our bathroom – a modern and affordable bidet starting at $69 (USD). Elevating a Guest’s throne room pleasure could be that cheeky fun revelation they didn’t know they needed! ?✨

What would help your Guest enjoy their intrepid adventure into your Listing’s bathroom even more? Their own soundtrack of course! Equal parts ventilation and sonic vibration, the Sensonic Speaker Fan by Broan is a bluetooth enabled speaker that’s just makes spectacular sense. We all appreciate our Guests have their music travelling with them in their pocket so let’s help them enjoy their tunes in the bathroom.


No Parties!

As a thoughtful Host, we put our systems in place, communicate with care, optimise our pricing strategies and provide a great overall experience. That’s the plan until your cleaners discover a large raging party has torn through your CBD Apartment wreaking havoc inside and with the neighbours.


Party Squasher

No. Just. No! Thankfully there are two great solutions helping Hosts to pro-actively monitor and prevent such parties. Enter NoiseAware and Party Squasher, interestingly they detect and prevent party issues in a radically different manner.

NoiseAware devices work by responsibly monitoring noise levels within your Listing. Party Squasher on the other hand, detects the number of mobile devices in a Listing and alerts accordingly.

Both NoiseAware & Party Squasher have unique powers when it comes to pro-active party prevention, we recommend they are used in tandem or with a reliable external security camera where possible.

At Roomerang we go much further working hard to avoid bad Guests through KeyNinja’s comprehensive Guest Verification technology and processes. ??️‍♀️

So there you go! A few playful ways to drive some tech into your Listing and bring a little more delight to your Guest’s stay! What other tech gadgets should we be considering in 2019? We’d love to hear from you!