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Hassle-free Key Delivery.

Partnering up with 24/7 swift & secure key delivery, KeyNinja

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For your Guests’ Check-ins and Outs.

Eliminating risks

There are a lot of risks associated with using lockboxes for Airbnb key handover. Eliminate
the Airbnb risks by taking advantage of our manual key handover.

Safe and reliable

We’ll reach out to your guests and co-ordinate key handover on your behalf. Simply select where you want key handover to occur and we’ll do the rest.

Your guests will thank you

Guests have a tight itinerary and need a window of flexibility for those unfortunate circumstances. Let our riders and Airbnb management team accomodate your guest’s

Still using lock boxes?

It's time to rethink

The council has already begun removing padlock keysafes from unauthorised areas.

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Achieve a higher rental income from your investment property without the hassle. Lean on a professional Airbnb manager that is available 24/7.

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