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Introducing the Airbnb Resources Guide

Happy 1st of April! No jokes, just ACTUAL useful content today.  ?

As short term rental (STR) property experts in Melbourne, we get asked a lot of questions regularly around the key aspects of professional hosting. With that in mind, we’re releasing the STR Resources Guide!

The guide helps a new Airbnb host understanding these elements and ultimately to be a more professional host from day one. Areas covered include:

  • Tax – Airbnb, sharing economy & the ATO
  • Interior Design & Styling – Durability, technology & Airbnb design tips
  • Laws & Regulations – Consumer law, landlord rights & responsibilities
  • Insurance – Airbnb’s Host Guarantee & insurance for short stays
  • Maintenance, Linens & Cleaning – Airbnb housekeeping, fees & scope management
  • Useful Technology – Igloohome, Ring, NoiseAware, Virtual Concierge & more
  • Other Great Resources – Airbnb communities, groups & podcasts

The STR Resources Guide links through to some real info & experts in the industry both local and globally. So whilst we’re focussed on Aussie Airbnb hosts here at Roomerang, the STR Resources Guide is certainly worth a look for those hosts across the globe and of all experience levels.

You may just find a useful resource that provides you with some new and crucial info. Grab it today and enjoy!

If you have any questions you can message us on Facebook, contact us or via email – [email protected] ?